I like when I feel THIS happy. But it gets me a little bit nervous just because, it doesn't tend to last to long.

I feel unstoppable, and powerful, full of energy and optimism. I feel I can do anything I want, and GET everything I need. It's might be a shame that actually that's not the reality. But fuck it! Today I DO FEEL I CAN. I wish thats how I felt everyday. 

Man, if I just had a little bit more of money, JUST a little bit more. C'mon, like, winning the lottery or, I don't know, something!

Either way, I hope this last, it's a little bit overwhelming to know that you are the only responsible for the consecuences you get in your life. YOU are the player, YOU get some cards that life, or destiny/fate or luck (whatever you wanna call it) gives you, so YOU decide what YOU want to do with them, YOU plan the strategy you are gonna play to get a result. Your life, then, IS the result of all this past decision you've made over the years with  the card that were given to you. Butterfly effect? Well, yes.

I just realize how hard it gets to write in english 
when you don't practice regularly. 
You start yo forget very easy thing, like how to spell some words,
or what expressions to use. I should definetly try to practice more often.

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  1. I really hope you feel like that for a long time! Take a good look at your cards and play your hand with all your heart, so you'll have no regrets. Yes, I agree that we are the result of all our past decisions, so just go out there and create the life you want!
    Good luck!

  2. - Yami: Thanks a lot for your comment! You always seem to be there <3

  3. I am.
    *stalks her through the window*


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